Sunday, February 3, 2013

Democrat Congressman at posh Chamber event in D.C. - darn those "Republican bloggers" hounding a respected and much-adored US Senator


At a New Jersey Chamber of Commerce luncheon at the D.C. Marriott on Thursday, Senator Bob Menendez briefly in attendance, via Breitbart MENENDEZ CONTROVERSY CASTS SHADOW OVER DC EVENT:
Congressman Donald Payne (D-NJ) also stuck around for after-dinner cocktails with attendees and told Breitbart News, “I think with the climate in the Senate and the Republicans pushing back on Democratic members, also former members of their caucus, like Senator Chuck Hagel, that this is just Republican bloggers that are just trying to cause trouble for a Senator.”
Editor's comment - Yup, guilty as charged. How ironic, this Congressman just inadvertently credited this website and a number of other aggressive right blogs with bringing down a United States Senator. Doing the work that the mainstream media refuses to do.


jgeleff said...

For that comment, Donald Payne should be deeply investigated by someone with the resources to do so. It says to me he might be hiding something.

Libertarian Advocate said...

What does anyone want to bet that Cong. Donald Payne is privately DELIGHTED that Menendez is floundering. Might be the chance he needs to break out of the pack and all, hint hint.

Eric Dondero said...

Jerry, great minds think alike. I was thinking exactly the same thing. How high up does this go? Why are we to assume that this is just limited to Menendez? Surely Dr. Melgin at the center of this controversy, made donations to other Democrat Senators and Representatives?

Quick someone look at Donald Payne's contribution reports!

citizen121 said...

it's also possible that the additional traffic on aggressive right-wing blogs will draw attention to the junior-high school mentality of the content (videos of women in abbreviated outfits with assault rifles, monkeys with AK-47's, describing women as "mouth-watering super hot", multiple daily anti-muslim posts) and that many sensible voters will draw the conclusion that the far right lacks the maturity necessary to be trusted with important issues like public policy.

Eric Dondero said...

Awww, are we being too immature? So sorry. So, very, very sorry.

Guess it would be better if we were pasty-faced old guy academic types in our Ivory Towers, talking about "mature" subjects like the latest data on the GDP, Agricultural subsidies and trade statistics in the 1990s between Botswana and Guinea Busei.

We'll try harder to be more "mature" from here on out, I promise.

Eric Dondero said...

Hey guys and gals, citizen121, who doesn't bother following our one and only blog rule - POST UNDER YOUR OWN NAME AND NOT UNDER SOME BOGUS ON-LINE MONIKER - wants us here at LR to be more "academic," highbrow and upper crest.

Lose all the tits and ass he says. Stop being so "juvenile."

Ya know, his comment reminded me of a little something from two days ago.

This website you are reading,, was a featured link at the... wait for it... here it comes...


Apparently the editors at the Post don't agree that adding a little spice to one's blogging cuts one's credibility.

citizen121 said...

the beauty of democracy is that everyone is free to express themselves - even when their freedom of self-expression exposes their prurient, retarded adolescent mentality.

jgeleff said...

"the beauty of democracy is that everyone is free to express themselves - even when their freedom of self-expression exposes their prurient, retarded adolescent mentality."
And even when tired, effete individuals object to men being men. Hey, citizen121. Time to wash your vagina.