Saturday, February 9, 2013

Cuccinelli moves semi-libertarian on marijuana legalization

State policy "experimentation" a good thing

From the ViginiaPilot, "Cuccinelli OK with legalized pot, not public pools":
Legalizing marijuana is an idea Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, a conservative Republican running for Virginia governor, is open to.

Yet even as his views on pot evolve, Cuccinelli is firmly against public pools and recreation centers, which he considers economic interference by government that undercuts private business investments in profit-making fitness centers.
"I’m not sure about Virginia’s future [in terms of marijuana legalization]," the newspaper quoted Cuccinelli saying. "But I and a lot of people are watching Colorado and Washington to see how it plays out."

Cuccinelli's marijuana comments surprised U.Va. political science professor Larry Sabato, whose class Cuccinelli address.

Sabato noted "Cuccinelli stressed he wouldn't be recommending changes anytime soon. But he praised states such as Colorado for experimenting with marihuana legalization, saying this was federalism in action. He said twice his views were 'evolving" on the subject."
Sabato: There's a "libertarian streak" to Cucinelli's Tea Party conservatism
"The students were as surprised as I was," Sabato added, observing that based on their reactions "his views made him more appealing to them."

Sabato surmised a semi-libertarian approach on marijuana policy could help Republicans attract younger voters, adding that Cuccinelli drew a distinction on hard drugs, saying he's never waver on them.

"There's a libertarian streak to Cuccinelli's conservatism, just as there is in the Tea Party generally," Sabato assessed. "Not on all issues, of course -- abortion being a prominent one."

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John Morris said...

Duh, positions like this would have likely won them the election. Colorado would have switched & Oregon and several other states would have been put in play. Obama was on such thin ice he actually had to run ads in Portland.