Saturday, February 9, 2013

Confirmed! Would be BOA bomber in Oakland is follower of Islam

Wanted to spark an anti-Muslim backlash that would be blamed on right-wingers

From Eric Dondero:

Down in the 10th paragraph of the San Jose Mercury News article this morning, on the San Jose man who "tried to car bomb Oakland Bank of America branch" we learn the would-be terrorist is a Muslim:
He had abruptly converted to Islam -- going by the name of Tarq Kahn -- before returning to California in 2011, living in a recreational vehicle in front of his father's North San Jose house.
Matthew Aaron Llaneza bragged to his accomplice that after blowing up a Bank of America branch in Oakland, "he would dance with joy." Then after an act of terrorism that Llaneza hoped would be blamed on anti-government militias, federal officials say, he planned to flee to Afghanistan and train Taliban fighters.

But Llaneza's co-conspirator was not, as he believed, a member of the Taliban. He was an undercover FBI agent, and that's why early Friday morning, Llaneza, a 28-year-old San Jose resident and former Marine, was arrested after federal authorities say he attempted to detonate a car bomb that they had secretly rendered inoperable as part of a months-long sting.
Llanez targeted Bank of America specifically because of the symbolism of the company's name.

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