Sunday, February 10, 2013

CONFIRMED! Poll out of Beligium: Muslims really do hate Gays

Fluffy waffles, chocolates, pretty girls in flowery dresses, home to the EU parliament. But also home to an increasingly hostile immigrant population that wants to see native homosexuals murdered in the streets

by Eric Dondero

You'd never know it from the headline: "Un jeune Flamand sur trois est intolérant," which highlights how native Flemish are suspicious of newly-arrived Muslim immigrants, and believe they are largely responsible for the increasing crime rate in Belgium.

But buried down in the article, Belgium news
En outre, 21 pour cent des jeunes musulmans approuvent l’exécution des homosexuels dans certains pays. un quart estiment la violence contre les homosexuels justifiée.
In case you missed it:
[Of Muslims surveyed] a quarter think that violence against homosexuals is justified. In addition, 21% of young Muslims think the execution of homosexuals is justified
One more time, just so there is no misunderstanding: Twenty-One percent of Muslims believe that executing gays is just fine and dandy.

We're not likely to see any reporting of this on an gay news sites here in the U.S. - Daily Best, Gawker, SFGate, The Advocate, And most certainly we won't see any blaring headlines about this on CNN, MSNBC, HuffPo, at the NY Times, or Washington Post. It just doesn't fit the liberal media template, you see. Muslims like Gays, are a protected minority special interest group, that you're not supposed to criticize.

But you will continue to see reporting on news stories like this here at the non-template fitting and damned proud of it -

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