Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cher to fans: Hispanic Republican Senator is an "Idiot," he's "Scum"


From Eric Dondero: 

In reaction to Texas libertarian Republican Senator Ted Cruz remarking that Havard Law school was full of Marxist professors. 

From Twitter account of former pop star turned old wrinkly old liberal kvetcher Cher:
Cher ✔ @cher Freshman Senator Ted Cruz (T-Bag Darling) is Joseph McCarthy Reincarnate! Why does the SCUM of The GOP ALWAYS RISE 2 THE TOP?
Cher ✔ @cher Got to go!The other day when I was RANTING AGAINST IDIOT,BIGOT, CREATURE FROM THE NETHER REGIONS,Ted Cruz i made up cool line ( i think)
H/t RedAlertPolitics, Photo credit


Chuck said...

I think Chair must have contracted some sort of venereal disease and is really pissed off about it. Imagine having to live with such an asshole. Uggh.

Rita said...

Sonny Bono did the right thing by divorcing her.

Doom said...

Did she get hit by a bus, or just thrown under one? She can't even check pretty on the list, and "smart" was never her forte either. Lose-lose.

Rational Nation USA said...

Classy Chuckie, real classy. It's what you excel at.

Doom said...

I don't know, I liked what Chuck wrote. Heck, I am pleased when he aims his shit cannon my way once in a while. Sometimes there is a line in there, or two, I can use.

But, class, really? We are headed for national then international tyranny and you are worried about being polite? Wake the FUCK UP!

Chuck said...

As long as a degenerate like Chair is attacking republicans, they enjoy the enthusiastic support of dumbass flakes like Less. Par for the course.

Rational Nation USA said...

Support, you're the dumbass flake bozo. No why Don't you trot yourself over to your favorite bathhouse.

Chuck said...

See what I mean?

DrKeteDC said...

Why is she even commenting? First of all, since she loves Barry so much, she should be happy about all the Marxist professors at Harvard, right? Why call Cruz 'scum' for noticing? Well, she was never known for having a brain, so this is no surprise. I would respect one of these leftwing creatures a little bit if they agreed with Cruz and said hooray for Marx!

Bailey CO USA