Monday, February 4, 2013

Bob's still got one defender in his corner

Remember this schmuck?

From Eric Dondero:

That's right. He's back...

Bob Torricelli, former US Senator from New Jersey.

In the last two days, both Harry Reid, and Menendez's colleague Senator Frank Lautenberg both essentially threw him under the bus. Lautenberg, said that if the allegations were proved to be true, "it would be too bad." Reid gave him a sort of backhanded slap, "That’s what investigations are all about."

But now Torricelli steps forward to defend his old friend.

From, "Can Robert Menendez survive?":
"Six years is a long time," said Democratic former Sen. Robert Torricelli , who left the Senate a decade ago under his own ethics cloud. "I think Bob Menendez is a very tenacious person, and he has the advantage of six long years and a fairly forgiving political environment in New Jersey.

"I wouldn't be wasting time on a Bob Menendez political obituary," he added.
Editor's comment - Next up former NJ Governor Jim McGreevy holding a press conference, smiling, with his arm around Menendez, pledging his unequivocal support.


John Morris said...

The quoted words don't sound like a defence. "Forgiving political environment" = Democrats can get away with anything.

Honestly it might be best to keep hima around as a disturbing laughing stock.

John Morris said...
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