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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bob Menendez Video of the Day!

Breaking news from Latina news source... Press conference scheduled for tomorrow by Dominican lawyer. May have explosive evidence on the ever-expanding Sex Scandal

by Eric Dondero

Enjoy this 1980s Oingo Boingo punk classic, and destined-to-be Bob Menendez theme song, "I like little girls."

The longer the Menendez scandal drags on, the more and more laughs we will all have, and the more damaging it will ultimately prove to the Donks. Let's hope it doesn't all end this week with a sudden Menendez press conference and resignation.

(Hang in there Bob! There's always light at the end of the rainbow, or something to that affect.)

And now this...

News just breaking from super hot Latina periodista MarĂ­a Cristina Rodriguez (photo) on Twitter, of a big press conference scheduled for tomorrow by a lawyer from the Dominican Republic announcing more details of the Senator's sexual dalliances with underage prostitutes.

In case you're wondering, the Hispanic media, Latin America-wide, is having a field day with the Menendez story.

Let the record show, that we here at LR were on the Menendez story very, very early on. And were one of a tiny handful of news sites that covered the story when it first broke in late October.


Doom said...

Perhaps it is the under-age aspect, but I'm sort of wondering about this being an issue, being a libertarian sort of general area? Yeah, I know, not all liberts are for all things purely libert, just...

Now, I hope he is strung up by his balls. And I suppose I am at least half libert. So...

Bob D said...

This is just funny as hell!! Great choice of a song Eric!!!

M. Simon said...

Hang in there Bob! There's always a light coming from the train at the other end of the tunnel.