Friday, February 8, 2013

Atlas Shrugged required reading for Idaho high school students?

From Eric Dondero:

Meet Idaho State Sen. John Goedde. He introduced a bill on Tuesday, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, that would require that high school students across Idaho read Atlas Shrugged. He meant it as a come back to the State Board of Education that lowered on-line class requirements, much to the consternation of more conservative legislative members.

But it gets even better. Goedde gave an amusing quip as to why he chose Rand's classic.

From Fox News, "Idaho bill would require students to read 'Atlas Shrugged'":
The bill reads: “The student shall obtain a passing grade on the examination in order to satisfy the graduation requirement provided for in this section. Such examination shall be approved by the state department of education.”

When asked by state Sen. Bob Nonini why he chose that particular book, Goedde reportedly replied to laughter before the state’s Senate Education Committee: “That book made my son a Republican.”
Editor's comment - We here at LR say, good enough for Goedde's son, good enough for every high school student in Idaho.


Rational Nation USA said...

Interesting. Anyone who knows anything about Rand knows she had little use for rEpublicans or conservatives.

Rational Nation USA said...

PS: If you need proof I'll provide a link tomorrow.

Eric Dondero said...

Actually you're quire wrong Les. Spectacularly wrong.

She was a hardcore Republican activist in the late 1930s and 40s, even pamphleteering for Wendel Wilkie against Roosevelt.

If you need proof the latest Jenifer Burns biography on Rand has pages and pages about her GOP activism, and utter hatred for Democrats.

Rational Nation USA said...

Actually Eric you are wrong, in her on words and voice she stated her disdain for conservatives. It's all there on you tube and her non fiction writing. But I'm guessing you jabbed't read much of her actual work PR listened to her either. Not at all surprising if you haven't. Most people who run around misrepresenting get haven't. On both sides of the great political divide. But the rEpublicans have the edge in that category.

In fairness, the reason she had little use for rEpublicans was because she recognized their sellout to government, ie: for gov't favors in the form of subsidies etc. She saw them as pull peddlers and part of the reason THR capitalism she loved was slowly disappearing.

Check it out Eric, it's all there in video as well as in print. Start with reading Capitalism, the Unknown Ideal, then The New Intellectual, and you can Goggle her videos, some are fascinating.

Ever hear of Professor Leonard Piekoff, read The Ominous Parallels? If not I highly recommend it. It is fascinating, as well as true. You might want to do a bit of research on him as well.