Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Assh*le Republican of the Year! Douglas County, Georgia GOP Chairman Jack Gamel

From Eric Dondero:

The good thing is, practically every Georgia Republican who is anybody, and practically every GA GOP organization is condemning this douchebag.

Here's what happened. Michael and his lovely wife Jennifer McNeely (photo) are two rising stars in the GA GOP. They are both hardline conservatives, and anti-establishment. Michael backed a candidate opposed to the good ole' boy network in the Douglas County GOP, and in response, the Chair of the County party blocked him and his wife from being delegates to the State GOP Convention.

RedState reports:
Apparently, 1st Vice Chair of the Douglas County Republican Part Michael McNeely, who is also the Chairman of the Georgia Black Republican Council, has been blocked from being a delegate to the county’s GOP Convention by county GOP Board Member Jack Gamel... (PeachTree Pundit adds):
Mr. Gamel told him that his exclusion was because McNeely ran against Gamel’s friend Terry Baggett last term for First Vice-Chair of the Douglas County Party – a position that Mr. McNeely won. So, in the pettyness that is county party politics, we have a man at the precinct level who chose to block his county’s First Vice Chairman from being a delegate to his county’s convention out of what appears to be a petty act of revenge.
The Young Republicans have put out a statement:
The behavior of a very particular few in Douglas County to exclude two dedicated Republicans from the party process is not just troubling- it is destructive. We must abandon personal vendettas and embrace our shared conservative values. The Georgia Young Republicans call on the rational minds in the Douglas County Republican Party to right this wrong. Credential Michael and Jennifer McNeely as delegates to the County Convention. Allow them their just place at all our sides as fellow Republicans.
From the Editors: We here at Libertarian Republican join with the YRs and other sensible Republicans in the State, and ask that the McNeelys be seated as delegates to the state convention. As for Mr. Gamel, he should seriously think about resigning, or at the very least, not seek reelection to his post. Photo of the McNeelys from Flckr.com with Rep. Lynn Westmoreland.

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