Monday, February 4, 2013

And you thought Bill & Hillary's marital arrangment was weird? Democrat Hickenlooper's wife said she'd stay with him, only if he'd run for president

From Eric Dondero:

Talk about a marriage of convenience. This woman gives new meaning to the term "social climber."

From ABC7 News, "Colorado governor John Hickenlooper said wife offered to stay for presidential run":
Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper told a New York Times columnist that his wife, Helen Thorpe, offered to stay in the marriage if Hickenlooper had run for president.

Hickenlooper was talking about politics and relationships to columnist Frank Bruni.

Hickenlooper said when he and his wife discussed separating, Thorpe said, "If you want to run for president, I’m in. We’ll stay married. I’ll figure it out and I’ll be fine.”

Hickenlooper told Bruni he felt his wife's offer was incredibly generous, but he didn't want to "prolong her unhappiness" and he wanted to concentrate on Colorado.
Editor's comment - Silly us. We always thought marriage was about love, sex, romance and making babies. Come to find out, in some quarters of the State of Colorado, it's more about reaching higher political office.

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Dr Kete said...

Hick's election proves the coasty carpetbaggerss have moved in and stolen our state from the normal people. Sickening. I thought they detested the fly- over states, but once they fouled their nests, we started to look ripe for plunder.

Bailey CO