Monday, February 4, 2013

Amazing! CNN reports on Muslim vigilantes harrassing native Brits


From Eric Dondero:

You know the situation has gotten really bad, if even ultra-liberal, hyper-diversity supporting CNN is reporting on stories like this. The Islamic invasion of the West has reached such a threatening level, that now the iconic globalist network can no longer ignore it.

Perhaps it was the attacks on gays by the Muslim vigilantes that finally pushed them over the edge. (Halfway through the report, one vigilante can be heard harassing a gay man walking down the street.) If the harassment by the Muslims had been limited to just beer-drinking straight white guys, they probably would have gone on ignoring it.

One Muslim vigilante is quoted:
We are Muslim patrol. We are in north London. We are in south London. We are in east London, west. We command (unintelligible). And we command evil. Islam is here in London Mr. David Cameron... whether you like it or not.
Exit question - How soon til we start seeing the same in Dearborn/Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Newark, and New York?

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