Monday, January 28, 2013

Zo takes libertarians to task

by Eric Dondero

Oh, darn. Zo gets this so wrong in so many ways. He equates Lew Rockwell libertarians as representative of the entire libertarian movement.

It's easy to see how he'd do this. In many ways the Rockwell-heads (and followers of anti-Lincoln author and Rockwell associate Thomas DiLorenzo) tend to be the loudest members of our libertarian movement. But Zo and other conservatives need to know, they're a minority among us libertarians. A large minority granted. But still a minority.

Anyway, watch the video. You will no doubt wince at some of his criticisms.

But we strive to bring our readers the good, bad and ugly as it relates to Libertarian Republicans. And here's some ugly (on all sides).

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