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Saturday, January 19, 2013

YouTube pulls down original video of Muslim Patrol in London harassing native Brits in their homeland


by Eric Dondero

Well, it must be too politically incorrect for YouTube. By Saturday the video had received over 42,000 views. Late yesterday I noticed that the shocking video sweeping the UK was taken down, "No longer Available for Viewing."

Now this morning, Truth Loader has posted it again, in different format. View it and pass around fast, before YouTube spots this version, and kills it.

Hard evidence, undeniable, that Muslims are now harassing native Britishers in their homeland, on the streets of East London. Gays, drinkers, party-goers, women dressed in short skirts. The Muslims follow them, hurl catcalls in their direction, tell them explicitly that they are in a neighborhood now owned by Muslims.

If this doesn't outrage every American, if we don't see immediate calls from our elected officials to put an end to all immigration from Muslim nations, including North Africa, than our Western Civilization is doomed.

Take a moment please to pass this link around to everyone on your email list, friends, associates, family members. Post the link to your Facebook page. This is the most important political video of the year.

As the media obsesses with sports and entertainmnet stories to keep us distracted, 24 hour coverage of Manti Te'o, Lance Armstrong, Kim Kardashian and other celebrity/sports stories, they are missing the story of the decade: Muslims invading the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Scandanavia, Western-dom on all fronts. Feed them bread and give them the circus; the old adage from the decline of the Roman Empire.

Let's stand up to the Barbarians at the Gates! Start right now!


Mr. Mcgranor said...

This one; i can appreciate.

Jemas said...

The video is, indeed awful, but I posted this on the other version so I'll post it again, because I believe it remains relevant (point 2 is altered to be relevant to this post). So, three points:

1) The US news isn't on this for the same reason the UK news isn't really covering street violence in the US. When the UK reports on people getting mugged in NYC, then this not being reported will be news.

2) The video was, according to the former link, removed by the user, so blaming Youtube on it is unfair.

3) Yes, we should confront them. We should do what I've done to people of all religions my entire life: Explain to them that they are welcome to their beliefs, but that they can't force them on people or they will suffer consequences. If we go to hell, it's our issue.

But hey, maybe you're right, we should become hostile and violent to all Muslims. Israel has been doing that, to varying degrees, for decades and they're a picture of stability.

And I suppose an appeal about how being violent and cruel towards them will encourage them to be insular and hateful towards us and will cause us to sink to their level will be ignored right?

Queens, New York, NY