Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Welfare moocher moms in Australia shift to honest day's work after cuts in benefits

From thieving on the Aussie taxpayer, to servicing working stiff Aussie men

by Eric Dondero report this as some sort of tragedy, tugging on the heart strings, "aw isn't this awful. These women have to resort to prostitution." Of course, we libertarians would say, fantastic! Get 'em off the mooching off the taxpayer rolls, and move them to the category of gaining and honest day's work, in a good honest and quite honorary profession.

Via WND, "Single moms take sex work after welfare cut":
Opposition leader Tony Abbott says the best form of welfare is work and hopes “lurid” reports of single mothers resorting to prostitution to feed their families aren’t true.

A Brisbane brothel has said it has had about 20 applications from single mothers seeking work since payment cuts came in at the start of 2013, affecting 84,000 single parents.

Under the changes, single parents are being shifted from parenting payments onto the Newstart unemployment allowance when their youngest child turns eight years old, which means a drop in weekly income of between $60 to $100.
Now if we can just do the same with the EBT moochers here in the U.S.

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The Right Guy said...

There's nothing honorable about prostitution.

Eric Dondero said...

Perhaps from a conservative standpoint, but from a libertarian standpoint, it is quite honorable, even a cherished occupation.


And the more the better.

Eric Dondero said...

I suppose Jim, you favor the masturbation all the time for our fighting men overseas, over a good hour's jaunt with a sexy prostitute, 'eh?

If there's anything the government should subsidize it's making sure our fighting men in the Marines, Army, Navy have all the cold ones they can drink, and all the nights they please at local brothels in Spain, Puerto Rico and the Phillipines.

Kc Lion said...

Finally someone is taking a stand against welfare abuse.

Hopefully we can start this prostitution push like we have with Cannabis and make it so the right see's its benefits and pushes back against the Nanny State that denies those things to us.

The Right Guy said...

Yeah, and what's the downside? Have you considered that? Cherished? To whom? Think about the type of person that would cherish a hooker. Think about the type of person that would use a hooker.

The military make up a very small percentage of the population and our commitments overseas will be diminishing in the future.

Eric Dondero said...

Umm, handicapped men Jim? Guys who are in wheelchairs, or are butt ugly, or have some deformaty. Or, midgets?

Prostitutes are honored workers for disadvantaged men. Not all of us American males can be as good looking as you and I Jim. Sorry to say.

They deserve an outlet.

In fact, I happen to know a very good friend of both you and I, who lives up north, who could use the services of a prostitute. He is a handicapped male.

I'm willing to chip in. How 'bout you?

The Right Guy said...

Deserve? Deserve ain't got nothing to do with it, as clint said. It's every man for himself and always has been that way. The other thing is, paraplegics can't get it up and I could give a fuck about the procreative problems of fucking midgets.

Chuck said...

So the guy who sucks dick for crack money is honorable. Yeah. Right.

The Right Guy said...

As long as someone feels good and someone else gets paid, it's all good for eric.

Ex-Dissident said...


The moment they cut social security payments to Helen Thomas, she may start hanging around your neighborhood. Now think about that...

Chuck said...

The prostitution argument is a lot like all the other arguments in favor of degeneracy. They all depend upon falsehoods.

We are to assume that killing children in the name of "choice" is necessary due to the sky high incidence of pregnancies resulting from rape and incest. True? Hell no, but it paints a picture.
In the same way, we're told that prostitutes are serving society by fucking cripples and midgets. True? Not even close, but its an argument. A base one.

Chuck said...

Its a profound insult to cripples and midgets as well.

Imagine if I said that we need white prostitutes working so a nigger can at least buy some white pussy that he'd never get otherwise...

Think for a minute about how fucking awful what you've written is, Eric.

The Right Guy said...

It serves an infantile mentality. True freedom elevates society, it doesn't point it towards the gutter.