Friday, January 25, 2013

Welfare fraud soars in Massachusetts in last year, last few months

One woman in Lynn, MA was living with her "baby's daddy," collecting $42,000 from the state and an additional $15,000 from Social Security

From the Boston Globe, "Auditor’s team finds more than $1.3m in welfare fraud":
Investigators uncovered more than $1.3 million in welfare fraud over three months according to a quarterly progress report released by the State Auditor’s office today.

The fraud consisted of 246 cases of people improperly using food stamps, health care benefits, public housing, or cash assistance, the report said.
One Lynn woman collected nearly $42,000 from the state and an additional $15,500 in federal Social Security benefits by not disclosing that her children’s father lived with her, had a job, and was eligible for health insurance, according to the report. She faces charges in Lynn District Court that include false representation to procure welfare.

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