Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WA State Democrat blasts libertarian Republican philosophy

GOP is all about "survival of the fittest"; if you're not doing well, deal with it yourself

From RCP:
"The whole world is watching this hearing, it is the first hearing on this issue. The whole point of a society is to create and run a government to make order for people. People don't like chaos and this hearing is about how to create chaos to get what you can’t get politically with votes," Rep. Jim McDermott (D-Washington) said at a House Ways and Means Committee hearing on the debt limit.

"They want everyone who is lucky and doing well to just do well," McDermott said of Republicans. "And if you aren't doing well, well you have got to deal with it, it's your problem. It is social Darwinism. It is survival of the fittest put into public policy."
Editor's comment - Um, yeah. Deal with your own problems, instead of burdening others, Yup, I'd say that's a recipe for a successful and moral society.

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