Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Virtually guaranteed GOP pick-up for Senate in 2014

Capito ahead of most likely challenger in West Virginia 31 to 17%

From, "Capito vs. Rahall":
Rahall is clearly the Democrats' best hope against Capito. However, there are few places where you would see numbers like these. One Member of Congress holding a substantial lead over another Member at the outset of a statewide campaign.

The whole story is in the regional cross tabs. Capito is maxing out her third of the state, the Second District (61%-27%). Meanwhile, Rahall finds himself trailing Capito by 1% (45%-46%) in his home Third District.

Capito makes the gender gap look like a sliver. She wins men 51%-32% and women 50%-31%. Show me another Republican that’s doing that these days.


Gary said...

Is this anything like the guaranteed GOP pickup in Missouri?

Doom said...

Gary, if you are talking about the last election and Missouri, then very possibly. W.V. has a serious love affair with "conservative" Democrats. No matter how it looks now, expect the Rats to put up a "conservative" and narrow the race, if not win it. Can't blamed the Rats, it's the voters who are "fooled" over and over and over again. Idiots.

mitsukurina said...

"Is this anything like the guaranteed GOP pickup in Missouri?"

Capito isn't an insane moron; so I'd say her chances were better.