Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Those wild and crazy Democrats... Chicago Judge in court over battery case on Sheriff's deputy

And she won reelection with over 63% of the vote!

From Eric Dondero:

Republican observers of Chicago politics around the county marvel at Jesse Jackson, Jr. and how it is he can get reelected with overwhelmingly while under indictment on multiple charges, AND while a "guest" at home for the mentally-challenged.

Well, meet Cynthia Brim, the honorable, Cook County Circuit Court Judge.

From the Naperville Sun, Dec. 13, "DuPage judge to hear battery case vs. Cook County Judge Cynthia Brim":
A DuPage County judge has been tapped to preside over a politically delicate battery case against Cook County Circuit Court Judge Cynthia Brim, who was arrested earlier this year at the downtown Daley Center court complex after allegedly shoving a sheriff’s deputy and throwing a set of keys near a security checkpoint.

Two Cook County judges have recused themselves from the Chicago case, and Cook County Chief Judge Evans asked the Illinois Supreme Court for permission to appoint an out-of-county judge to the case — a request that was granted Nov. 15th.
Ms. Brim, the honorable, won reelection with 63.5% of the vote. This was during the time her case was all over the papers. Voters didn't seem to mind.

Said the honorable Ms. Brim, quoted in the Chicago Trib.:
“I’m just happy the people voted me back in”
H/t - to a very fine anarcho-libertarian blog from Chicago, Mark Stoval's On the Mark. Gorgeous lay-out! Give it a view.

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