Thursday, January 24, 2013

Those pesky Totalitarians: They always find a way to fool ya

Owners of cafes have been ordered by morality police and government officials to install cameras to spy on and record customers' conversations and then turn over such recordings to the authorities, according to a report in the Guardian newspaper of Britain.

"Most people thought they were part of the security systems installed by owners to protect against theft," one Iranian told the paper.

From Eric Dondero:

The InternationalBusinessTimes is reporting, "Caffeine Crisis: Iran Cracks Down On Purveyor Of Dissent … Coffee Shops":
Five months ahead of a presidential election, Iranian authorities have launched a crack-down on an institution they believe is rife with disobedience and dissent: coffee shops in Tehran.
They go on to report that one single cafe stood up to the Nazi-Commie big government bureaucrats: The appropriately named Cafe Prague.

On the CafĂ© Prague’s Facebook page, the owners stated: "We always knew this day would come and, in the midst of Tehran's grimy winter, our end has finally arrived in spite of our many attempts to stay afloat … But as much as it pains us and as much as we will miss our friends and all of you who stood by our side in the past four years, we take comfort in knowing that we at least didn't let Big Brother's glass eyes scan and record our every step, minute and memory from dawn till dusk."
Editor's comment - Hey boys and girls, here's a novel idea. Instead of spending all day Facebooking and texting all your friends about your latest shopping trip, or who Bobby, Suzy, Tyrone or Lateesha is dating this week, why not take a moment to stand up against censorship, and express your support for Cafe Prague and the Iranian Freedom movement? Nah, on second thought that would take up too much time out of your sooo busy day. Better get back to that 49ers vs. Ravens game on the telly, or that latest episode of Honey Boo Boo and the Kardashians.

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