Sunday, January 13, 2013

They hate us, They really hate us

by Clifford F. Thies

Pew Research has recently released its 2012 global survey of opinions regarding the U.S., and the overwhelming majority of Muslims really do hate us. They hate us, they hate our country, they hate what we stand for, they hate our culture, they hate our President, and they hate our anti-terrorism efforts. Of the twenty countries in their survey, five are overwhelming Muslim and one (Lebanon) is mixed Muslim and Christian. The people of two of the Muslim countries (Pakistan and Turkey) hate everything about us. The people of two other Muslim countries (Egypt and Jordan) hate almost everything about us. The people of Tunisia have mixed feelings about us. And, the people of Lebanon have a net positive feeling.

"The United States"
Jordan tops the hate list, 86 percent having an unfavorable opinion of "the United States." Jordan is followed in turn by Pakistan, Egypt and Turkey. Lebanon and Tunisia are o.k. with "the United States."

Pakistan tops the hate list when it comes to "Americans," 73 percent having an unfavorable opinion." Pakistan is followed by Turkey, Jordan and Egypt. Again, Tunisia is o.k. with "Americans," and in Lebanon, 61 percent have a favorable opinion about "Americans."

"American Ideas and Customs"
Pakistan again tops the hate list. 88 percent consider "American Ideas and Customs" to be bad. Pakistan is followed by Jordan, Egypt and Turkey. In this case, Tunisia is not far behind. Lebanon, on the other hand, has the fourth highest percentage saying "American Ideas and Customs" are good.

"American Music, Movies and Television"
With regard to "American Music, Movie and Television," the Muslim countries occupy the five top spots in disliking our culture. Pakistan again tops the hatefest, with 78 percent our culture. But, in Lebanon, 65 percent like our culture.

"U.S. President" 
The people of the six Muslim countries take six of the seven top spots in expressing no confidence in our President. What, he didn't apologize profusely enough in his Cairo speech; and, didn't bow low enough before the King of Saudi Arabia?

President Obama's low scores aren't anything new. President Bush also had low scores, with one exception. In the 2003, the people of Kuwait expressed strong confidence in President Bush. But, by 2007, the people of Kuwait joined their co-religionists in expressing no confidence in our President. I suppose a few years of gratitude for our defense of a Muslim country is about all we can expect.

"U.S. Anti-Terrorism Efforts"
In addition to expressing no confidence in our President, the people of the six Muslim countries are unanimous in opposing our anti-terrorism efforts. According to them, it's o.k. for Muslim countries to be unable to restrain the violent elements within their borders who plan and carry out terrorist activities against others, whether in North America, Europe or India, or in the Muslim world. That we try to protect ourselves from the terrorists is the real problem.

"American Democracy"
While Turkey and Pakistan lead the hatefest, with 73 percent and 67 percent disliking "American Democracy," the other four countries were at least o.k. with it. Tunisia, in particular, was second highest in liking "American Democracy."

"American Business"
Turkey led the hate, with 74 percent disliking "American Business." Not too far back, at #4 in the hate parade, was Pakistan. But, the other four Muslim countries took the four top spots in liking "American Business."

The dichotomous results in the last two areas ("American Democracy" and "American "Business") are, I think, easy to explain. The four Muslim countries that are at least o.k. with us in these two areas would like to have democratic governments and well-functioning economies and are not so blinded by arrogance, envy and hatred.


Erich Domdero said...
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Eric Dondero said...

They hate us for who we are. They hate us for Hollywood, MTV, HBO, bikinis, California beaches, Jersey Shore, Porn, prostitutes, gambling...

Mr. Mcgranor said...

It is a moral premise of the sinister; the chaos of the postmodern West.
However, this void cannot be filled by anything; but, a (re)claiming of Protestant societies by only themselves.

The Right Guy said...

Wesley, have you considered authoring Haiku?

Gary said...

Muslims hate all non-Muslims at any point in history. Period. They have murdered, raped and enslaved non-Muslims from day one.

Erich Domdero said...
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jgeleff said...

As Vincent Laguardia Gambini said to Judge Chamberlain Haller when told that he didn't like his attitude, "Oh, there's a big fuckin' surprise."

Erich Domdero said...
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FINCHNEST13 said...

I don't have any confidence in our President. I think I hate him. I must be a Muslim!

MJM said...

Someone should do a similar survey, then go back a few days later and pretend that they have special Visas to immigrate to America, and see how many of the "haters" would want to come here.