Thursday, January 3, 2013

The very latest from Token Libertarian Girl: Let's win the culture for Liberty!

We need to recognize, younger female voters have no time for boring economics or that "philosophy crap"

From Eric Dondero:

This one's a doozie. Promise, it's well worth your 2 minute investment. You might remember Julie Borowski from June of last year with her smash hit video denigrating actress Lena Dunham. In her latest, Lena Dunham excoriates the women's movement, crass commercialism, and the female gender in general.

Writes the hipster libertarian Hammer of Truth blog:
Miss Julie Borowski — the latest cute blonde “token” libertarian girl — has been slaving away in front of the YouTube audiences for well over a year and racking up over a million views in the process.

Borowski has previously lamented the lack of women libertarians on her blog. She writes, “Women are more likely to visit popular culture websites and connect with their peers on social media.

Men are more likely to look at “nerdy” websites that discuss views that are outside of the mainstream like libertarianism.” [It's] because libertarianism is not yet mainstream and part of popular culture.”
We'll take this opportunity to announce that we just launched a brand new site, to help win over the culture for liberty. It's intended to appeal to low-information voters, mostly females, who like Julie says, care more about fashion, and commercialism, rather than preserving their own personal liberties. You'll see some of the same articles there that appear here at LR, only slightly dumb-downed, less wordy, more flashy and appealing to the eye.

Give it a view. Add it to your daily favorites. And why not sneak it onto the favorites bar of that teenage daughter of yours, who's completely clueless about politics, thinks Obama's "cool" or something, and rolls her pretty little eyes, every time Dad talks about "liberty." Here's the link: Gongoolooza.


Lisa said...

First of all, the blue tongue is very distracting and disgusting...while it may be her god-given right to suck on a blue lollipop before filming, can she make a better choice? I think so! Second and most importantly, since when does being a Libertarian mean that you are not Pro-choice? As long as individuals have the choice and pay for it themselves, what's the problem? Otherwise, she's got some good points!

Eric Dondero said...

She's a Ron Paul libertarian remember.

And yes, I noticed the blue tongue too. Weird?

Mr. Mcgranor said...

Sorry postmodern nihilists of the Libertine Party and the laissez faire crowd. The culture of liberty has been in a fifty year process of dismantling; and the economic concerns will not keep a culture intact.

city said...

thanks for share.