Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Minus Touch Redux

Exquisite genuinely American craftmanship: Yet operating in a new American work environment, where taxes and regulations make making a profit virtually impossible

by Clifford F. Thies

Readers of this blog know we track the businesses highlighted by the President, to prove his economic plans are working, which subsequently go bankrupt, close down or relocate overseas (most recently: LR article, "The Minus Touch") . Now we have the story of Lincolnton Furniture of North Carolina.

From the, "Lincolnton furnicure company praised." link: Last year, the CEO of this business sat there in the gallery with Mrs. Obama, as her husband spotlighted the guy. The business owner acting foolishly smiled for the camera, probably unaware that the kiss of death had just befell him. Now, he is the fifth and last generation in his family in the furniture business.

If you are a businessman, please, under no circumstances, allow this to happen to you. We realize it's tempting. A moment of glory. Your face broadcast to the nation. On the front page of the local newspaper. But, how soon will it be afterword that you're foreclosed upon, boarded up, featured in a negative way by the media. A chump, used once and then discarded, only to find out later that you have an incurable social disease and your support checks all bounce?

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Doom said...

Yeah, I absolutely love when a Zero lover gets his just deserts. Love the man, love the politics, go .... yourself. All good all the time and only getting better. With friends like him, who needs enemies.