Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The antiwar, non-interventionist wing of the libertarian movement infiltrated by genuine Neo-Nazis

“But… what about the Jews?” I asked. He shrugged. “Why do you care about the Jews? They were and still are a problem. They are the ones behind the Federal Reserve that you despise. The Jews attacked an American ship, the USS Liberty. Why would you defend them?”

Excerpted, "Dinner with a Nazi," the commentator.com Austin Petersen:
The attempted commandeering of the cause of liberty should be rejected at every turn, says Austin Petersen (photo left)...

a young, attractive couple joined my group of dedicated [Ron Paul] liberty activists for cocktails and dinner one night in downtown New York City in the late summer of 2011.

The man, we’ll call him “Sven”, a handsome blonde of Germanic descent, and his similarly beautiful corn silk-haired girlfriend had been invited to join my friends and I in discussion and debate for the evening.
I broke the ice with Sven and his girlfriend while another of our crowd ordered us drinks at the bar. It didn’t take long for the conversation to switch to politics. The history of foreign policy came to the forefront. We talked about our belief in free markets, limited government and a non-interventionist foreign policy. It was then that I learned something interesting about our new friend. Sven revealed that he believed the world would have been a better place if Hitler had won World War 2.

I blinked and laughed assuming he must have been joking, but he just stared at me with those steely blue eyes and didn’t laugh back.

I leaned forward and asked in hushed tones… “Are you a Nazi?”

He smiled… and nodded.

Sven confessed that his heart ached for what happened to Germany after the war. “We were a great people once until the Communists took over. We were on our way to becoming the greatest empire the world had ever seen. And you Austin, you are of Germanic descent. Your nation took the side of the Soviets against us and look what it brought you.”

I couldn’t hide my disgust and the atmosphere at the party immediately grew cold. This was no ordinary kook that could just be written off as a simple lunatic. This was an articulate, supposedly intelligent and well-spoken defender of the tenets of National Socialism. My stomach may have turned, but my heart and my resolve hardened.

Read the full article at the link above. H/t LR reader Andrew Ian Dodge.

Editor's comment - How incredibly ironic, neonazis and too many Ron Paul supporters always like to talk about the supposed Israeli attack on the USS Liberty in 1969, but they never seem to get around to talking about the Muslim attacks on US warships, like the USS Stark in 1987. How they love to talk about conspiracy theories about 9/11, but completely ignore evidence that Muslim terrorists were behind the attacks on the Murrah Building in downtown Oklahoma City in 1995.

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Erich Domdero said...

So muslims are now responsible for Oklahoma City? I hear they killed the dinosaurs too.