Saturday, January 12, 2013

Texas Party switch gives GOP full control of County Commission

Will the last white male to leave the Donks, turn the lights off

From Eric Dondero:

We've heard it before. The "Democrat Party has left... your Christian believing people behind."

From, "LaGrone’s switch makes court completely Republican":
The last Panola County commissioner to be elected as a Democratic candidate has officially changed parties making the court completely under Republican control for the first time since Carpetbaggers controlled southern politics following the Civil War.

Commissioner Dale LaGrone, Precinct No. 4, said the change was a long time coming. “The national party has gone so far to the left that there is no way I can stay with it,” LaGrone said from his office Thursday afternoon.

Part of the problem is the association with the national party, LaGrone said. “I know people that would say, ‘Hey, Dale is a good conservative guy, a good conservative Democratic’, but the Democratic Party has left the average Democrats, your Christian believing people behind,” he said.
Near extinction for the once dominant southern white Democrats.

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