Saturday, January 5, 2013

Taxation involves force: Therefore it is Theft


“I’ll say this plainly, I’ve said it before —Taxation is theft. It presumes the government has a higher claim on our property than we do,” says Judge Andrew Napolitano.

From Gary Demar, Godfather Politics, "Reclaim the Language" Jan. 2:
The State gets money by taking it from people. This is called taxation. Taxation involves force. If you don’t pay up, you will be fined, have your assets levied, or imprisoned.

If taxation means taking someone’s property and giving it to other people, how is this not a moral issue? The Eighth Commandment is quite clear: “You shall not steal” (Ex. 20:15). There is no “except by majority vote.” Here’s the truth of it. Deep down, this is what most politicians believe and those who put them into office (my words):

“We have the right to levy a tax at a certain percentage rate, up or down, on this amount or that amount because more than 50 percent of the people put us in office, therefore we can take 1 percent or 100 percent. The fact that we exempt a certain amount of income is proof of this fact. An exemption is what we allow you to keep.” If it’s wrong for you and me to steal from our neighbors and the companies we work for, please explain how it’s right to steal from our neighbors and the companies we work for when we elect people to do it?
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Chuck said...

"Taxation involves force: Therefore it is Theft "

And laws against shitting in the middle of the street involve force: Therefore We're All Slaves.

Holy fuck. How goddam stupid can you get?

Jemas said...

Okay, don't pay taxes. But you can't use the roads, cause you didn't pay for them. And if your house catches on fire, you gotta put it out yourself, cause you didn't pay the fire department, so why should they help you? And when some gang of lowlifes decides your TV looks nice, you sure as hell can't call the cops because...well you get it.

Oh oh oh. And I guarantee your response, if you deign to respond, will involve some variation on 'All I need is guns to protect my valuables,' apparently blissfully unaware that if you're armed, odds are the criminals are too, and they have an automatic advantage. YOU have to avoid hitting your family members, they do not. Okay, let's see if I'm right.