Monday, January 21, 2013

Surprise! Libertarian group rates Jewish State as the only "free" nation in the Middle East

Imagine that. Israel with pizza parlors, casinos, rock concerts, all night discoteques, and topless beaches "more free" than the land of the burka.

From Bruce Cohen:

As reported this morning from the Jerusalem Post, "US watchdog: Israel is Mideast’s only 'free' state":
Israel is the Middle East’s only “free” state, the US-based Freedom House wrote in its annual report last week, a ranking in stark contrast to claims by the country’s critics – both domestic and international – who argue that the Jewish state’s democratic values are steadily eroding “Israel remains the region’s only free country,” read the report, called Freedom in the World 2013, released just days before Israel goes to the polls.
The report, which ranks the world’s countries by political rights and civil liberties, characterized Jordan and Syria as “not free,” and Egypt and Lebanon as “partly free.”

Of the “worst of the worst” countries, the nine countries given the absolute worst ratings in the world, two were in the region: Saudi Arabia and Syria. Sudan was also rated in the bottom nine.

Algeria, Bahrain, Iraq, Iran, Oman, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen all also received the “not free” ranking, and Tunisia, Kuwait, Libya and Morocco were defined as “partly free.
Yet too many Libertarian Party members and the great majority of Ron Paul supporters continue to bash Jews and Israel.

Editor's note - Bruce Cohen is the former longtime Chairman of the Orange County Libertarian Party, CA. In 2012 he headed up the "Libertarians Vote for Romney in Swing States" effort on Facebook. (Photo credit -

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