Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sorry, no exemptions for midgets with seat belt laws: Everyone must wear one; that's the law

Nanny-State even in a Republican-leaning State like Indiana

From the "Ask a Cop" weekly column, Sgt. Chris Yagelski, "Seat belt laws offer no exemption for discomfort" The News Dispatch, Michigan City, Indiana:
Q: I understand the law on seat belts but I have a serious problem. I am very short and my shoulder harness "chokes me" whenever I turn my head. Is there some sort of exemption I can get to just wear a lap belt?

A: No there is no exemption for discomfort. Indiana law requires seat belt use for all occupants of a motor vehicle and to be in compliance you must wear a seatbelt in accordance to the manufacturers design. Wearing a seatbelt incorrectly like tucking it under your armpit or putting it behind your back is just like not wearing one at all and you are subject to a citation. If your vehicle does not have a height adjustment on the B pillar area and you are experiencing discomfort, you may purchase an aftermarket "clip" that is designed to reposition the belt.
Editor's note - Commit nightly disobedience to the state. Cops can't see inside your car when the sun goes down. DO NOT WEAR YOUR SEAT BELT, just to spite these Safety Nazi mother fuckers. (Photo - MidgetsATeam, Facebook)


Erich Domdero said...
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Chuck said...

I think they're supposed to be in a car seat.

The Right Guy said...

Or sit on a couple Manhattan phone books.

Chuck said...

That is the best picture ever.