Friday, January 11, 2013

SHOCKER!! Major American city tries to work out solution with a property owner, rather than tear down his front yard garden

You'll take my garden over my cold, dead, mud-stained hands!

From Eric Dondero:

You probably wouldn't see this in a deeply blue state; Massachusetts, New Jersey, Illinois, California. But fortunately for one gardening fanatic couple, they live in the slightly red state of Florida.

From WKMG Local 6 News, (full video report at link):
The city of Orlando received hundreds of emails that focused on Jason Helvingston's 25-foot-by-25-foot front yard vegetable garden in College Park.

And now, the city has decided not to pursue a violation against him. Instead, city officials said they're trying to work out a solution, which could result in a change in the city's landscaping codes.

"The times are changing quicker than our codes can adapt, and so we're certainly looking at this as an opportunity to look at what the new standards should be," said Jon Ippel, the city's sustainability director.

Helvingston's front yard garden first gained national attention last week when he petitioned the city to keep his garden.

The city's landscape code never considered front yard food production, which raises concerns from aesthetics to storm runoff.
Helvington is quoted as saying:
"I said, 'You'll take my house before you take my vegetable garden,'" Helvingston said. "There's nothing wrong here. There's nothing poisonous here. This is a sustainable plot of land."
Editor's comment - How refreshing. A city government actually responsive to its constituents. Congrats Orlando. You win the LIBERTARIAN CITY OF THE DAY AWARD!

(Photo depiction not of Helvington's garden, via


jgeleff said...

Why would anybody care if the guy has a vege garden in front instead of in back? The world is full of busy bodies.

Doom said...

I have no trust in the city of Orlando. Much like Zero, apparently, backing down from his threat at breaching the Constitution. Both are just looking for another way to hammer their agendas. Once they get a bone in their craw, bureaucrats simply cannot let go. I hope these people have made friends in high places, although I am not absolutely certain even that will help them. With as many laws as there are on the books, it won't take long to find they have committed some crime or other with as much as a city like Orlando can throw at an individual or couple.

Mr. Mcgranor said...

Move to a rural town; if he does not like the ordinance. Many would like to have privacy fences, or want to work on cars in their front yards; but cannot because the ordinance is prohibiting such.