Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sarkozy goes Depardieu

Some 60 years later her ideals have inspired a worldwide movement against the slavery of the wealth creators and productive class

From Eric Dondero:

It began with French actor Gerard Depardieu. Now the floodgates have been opened. The London Daily Mail is reporting this morning, "Sarkozy's plans 'to dodge new 75% French tax rate by moving to London with wife Carla and setting up £1bn private equity fund'":
Nicolas Sarkozy is preparing to move to London to set up a billion pounds plus investment fund, it was claimed today.
If the move goes ahead, the controversial Frenchman will become the latest to escape a potential top tax rate of 75 per cent in his home country.

He and his former supermodel third wife Carla Bruni-Sarkozy would be likely to settle in an affluent district like South Kensington – so becoming the most high profile Gallic celebrity couple in the city.
Former French President "a committed capitalist"

Bernard Arnault, the luxury goods magnate and France’s richest man who owns property in London, and Hollywood star Gerard Depardieu are among Frenchmen who have come under intense criticism for trying to escape Mr Hollande’s new tax regime.

The socialist is introducing a top tax rate of 75 per cent on anyone earning more than 1 million euros a year because he disapproves of the kind of vast profits made by speculators in places like the City of London.

Mr Sarkozy, however, is a committed capitalist...
The article goes on to note the beginnings of what may be a frightening new trend: Hollande and the Socialist government are coming after Sarkozy and Carla Bruni with the force of law, for alleged misdealings while president of France.

On a more positive note - the movement to avoid confiscatory taxation seems to have spread "across the pond." Just yesterday it was reported that famed Pro-Golfer Phil Mickleson may move to Canada to avoid Obama's confiscatory tax policies here in the United States.

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