Thursday, January 10, 2013

San Diego's Republican star Carl DeMaio to partner with Reason on privatization issues

Libertarian Party-event attending, libertarian conference speaker, and southern Cal multi-millionaire entrepreneur finds his home with fellow libertarians

From UT San Diego, "DeMaio returns as government watchdog":
Former City Councilman Carl DeMaio, who lost a bid for San Diego mayor in November, is going back to his roots as a government watchdog by taking a lead role in two new ventures that will focus on pension and budget issues at the state and local level.

In San Diego, DeMaio is recasting the political action committee he’s operated since 2003 as Reform San Diego, a research and advocacy group that will focus on implementing voter-mandated pension changes and resurrect the San Diego Citizens Budget Project. The latter is an effort DeMaio began in the early 2000s to scour the city budget and departments looking for cost savings and inefficiencies.

At the state level, DeMaio is partnering again with the Reason Foundation, a libertarian think tank that favors privatization, on a project called the California Reform Council. As chairman, he plans to promote ways to balance the state budget without tax increases with the top priority of pushing for pension changes statewide.
“Carl DeMaio came out of the land of think tanks and he’s going back to the land of think tanks,” Luna said. “I was wondering what he would be looking to do. He has some independent means so he can go back into the nonprofit world and the think tank world and the advocacy world and set himself up as a something of a local Grover Norquist.”

Norquist, a fiscal conservative, is famous for getting politicians, mostly Republicans, to sign pledges declaring their opposition to any and all tax increases.
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