Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ron Paul Libertarian Judge Napolitano on Fox: Bob Menendez in a world of sh*t

From Eric Dondero:

A much slimmed-down (looking good) Judge Napolitano explains to Shep Smith how the New Jersey Senator's troubles are mounting on a multitude of fronts. It's not just under-aged hookers. Napolitano opens up a whole new line of inquiry: The sex tourism trips were funded by Sugar Cane barons in the Dominican Republic. Menendez cast votes on agricultural subsidies.
The Senator has visited this hotel, the same hotel, 20 times, a 5-star resort. The resort is owned by two sugar barrons, two brothers. They grow many, many acres of sugar. Question? Did the gifts from the sugar barons, the plastic surgeon [provided the private jet to the Dominican Republic] influence any of his votes. He did vote on sugar price supports...
Editor's comment - Like 90% of sex scandals involving elected officials, it's not the sex that gets them ultimately; it's all the illegal contributions, failure to disclose, and missed reporting that nails 'em. Too early to speculate on whom Chris Cristie might appoint in Mendendez's place?


SoonerFan said...

I don't know, this time it might actually be the sex since it was with UNDERAGE (I heard as young as 13...) PROSTITUTES.

Libertarian, Conservative, we can both agree that 13 is not just "young", it's pedophilia, and that's just wrong.

The fact that contributions, kick-backs, votes, etc, are also involved makes it worse, sure. But without those items sex with a 13 year old in the states will get you a nice jail sentence.

Eric Dondero said...

Yes, we can all agree, 13 is absolutely too young for sex, regardless of gender. Any Libertarian who says anything different is just a plain fucking asshole.

Bruce Majors said...

Maybe a Cuban voodoo priestess told him buggering cute young boys and girls would cure him of the inhuman fugliness? You really shouldn't make fun of his religion and culture, you damn racist bigots!