Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rob Parker discusses his "cornball brother" comment

by Clifford F. Thies

As he approaches the end of his suspension, ESPN sports commentator Rob Parker had an interview on Flashpoint concerning his use of the expression "cornball brother" with respect to Washington Redskins rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III. 
In our original comment "Is RGIII one of us?,"

we did not mention the commentator's name, because we didn't think he did anything wrong. He expressed a concern of some people, got it out in the open, as you were, and this served a good purpose in showing how foolish was the concern.

As for the man's sympathy with the viewpoint that certain people are, and other people aren't "one of us," just who does "us" refer to? The stereotype lazy, shiftless, ignorant, gangsta culture-types who impregnate women and leave them and their babies for others to finance? Obviously, RGIII isn't the role model for that definition of "us."

Let me turn this around: a bi-racial President considers two young men, one, who is black, under suspension from school for possession of illegal drugs and burglary tools; and, another, who is bi-racial, who is a working man, with a family, who volunteers for neighborhood watch, and says of the black man, he could be my son.

That President, although bi-raical, is "one of us." It's not a skin color, it's a culture.


Chuck said...

Man. What a shame about his knee. It would be a tragedy if he doesn't recover from it. He's for real.

The Right Guy said...

This is a microcosm of the culture. A guy works hard, is successful and doesn't seem to fall prey to the non-sense and therefore he is no good. It's like a magic seed that will grow into whatever you want. We have some people prey for a thorny disgusting weed and when the seed grows into an oak tree, it's the seeds fault. They need to change what they expect out of people.

Mr. Mcgranor said...

Your article is postmodern absurdity; with all the deconstruction and revisionism of race. In defiance of what i have just said; i urge you to understand: negroidal.

The Right Guy said...

If I could do anything, I would make a time machine and transport you to whenever you wanted.

Chuck said...

As long as it's "negroidal".

Holy shit.