Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ray Nagin Louisiana DEMOCRAT indicted, the latest on DEMOCRAT Nagin charges, and did we mention he's a DEMOCRAT

According to the prosecutors, Nagin faces hard time totaling a maximum of 48-years in federal prison -- EurasiaReview

From, "Former Mayor Ray Nagin Of Hurricane Katrina Fame Indicted By Feds":
Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, now living in Frisco, Texas, was indicted on Friday with 21 criminal counts for bribery, honest service wire fraud, money laundering, conspiracy, and filing false tax returns, according to federal law enforcement officials.

According to Friday’s federal grand jury indictment, between December 2004 and the present, Nagin and several other suspects participated in a conspiracy to commit bribery and honest services wire fraud.

The indictment alleges that Nagin, as the mayor of New Orleans, devised a scheme to defraud the city and its citizens of his honest services through bribery and a kickback scheme in which the 56-year-old Nagin used his political office to provide favorable treatment, including awarding contracts, that benefited business and financial interest of businessmen providing him with bribes and kickbacks in the form of checks, cash, inventory, wire transfers, personal services, and free travel.
C.T. at TheForgotsten, Louisiana-based blog writes:
While he was still mayor of the city of New Orleans, in response to the rising number of murders in the city, Ray Nagin, infamously said: Murders Are Sad But “Keep The New Orleans Brand Out There.”

Nagin has further distinguished himself by becoming the first New Orleans Mayor to face criminal charges. That’s quite an accomplishment for a city that is coming up on its 300th birthday.

According to Nagin philosophy this news should really help keep the “brand out there.
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