Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ray Lewis drops to his knees to praise God! "Man can't control what God has already destined."

by Clifford F. Thies

What were the Denver Broncos thinking? That they could win without Tebow? Didn't they realize there are other God-fearing men in the NFL?

When the Baltimore Ravens won the game, in double-overtime, with a 47 yard field goal, Ray Lewis, leader of the defensive unit, dropped to his knees. In a post-game interview, he said "Man can't control what God has already destined."
As might be imagined, the game had plenty of excitement. At five different junctures, it was tied-up. There were great plays, crucial mistakes, close calls. Both teams played very well, especially considering the frigid conditions. In the end, there was no explaining why one team won and the other lost. Well, other than, as Ray Lewis put it, other than destiny.


Mr. Mcgranor said...

These sports figures are bologna.

John Morris said...

It was a great game. Even as a Steeler fan, by the end of the game I was OK with the Raven's winning.

jgeleff said...

Wasn't Ray Lewis involved in a murder?

Rational Nation USA said...

Maybe it.was ordained and therefore destiny?

Brought to you by the Voice of.Reason.

Les Carpenter
The Right in MA.

Chuck said...

I hate the Ravens, but I loved seeing the way they won that game. They didn't hire Ray Lewis because of his intellectual caliber. He's probably the best linebacker in the history of the NFL.

p.s. He was acquitted on that deal that happened in Atlanta because he was defending himself in an attempted robbery. I've never thought much of the guy as a moral agent, but he didn't "murder" anybody any more than Mike Tyson "raped" that chick.

MJM said...

What is the point of this post? Why do we know that Muslims are loons for their beliefs, but not also see the same thing for a statement like in this headline? Does anyone on this site really believe that God *does* preordain NFL game winners? Each NFL team has believers just as fervent as Tebow and Lewis.