Monday, January 7, 2013

PARTY SWITCH!! Local Councillor leaves the conservatives, joins the libertarians, says he's fed up with all the Political Correctness

Latest Polls UKIP in 3rd at 14%

From EADT24, "Mid Suffolk: Councillor Frank Whittle defects to UKIP after becoming ‘disillusioned’ with Tories":
Former Stowmarket mayor, Frank Whittle, will stand for re-election in 2015 as a member of the UK Independence Party.

The Mid Suffolk district and Stowmarket town councillor said: “I am sick and tired of all the political correctness and of politicians who are all mouth and no action.

“I am known for speaking my mind and this has meant that I have become persona non grata with the local Conservative Party. I am very much looking forward to being a part of UKIP, a party that puts Britain first and which isn’t afraid to speak out on the controversial issues of the day.”

He said he was “very disillusioned” with the national leadership of the Conservatives.

A publican and hotelier for most of his career, Mr Whittle has served as a councillor in Stowmarket for more than 10 years.
Photo from his days as an aviator and fighter pilot in the British air corps.

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Mr. Mcgranor said...

He should of joined the Constitution Party; now he is a globalist for the free-market.