Saturday, January 19, 2013

OREGON: Permission slip to smoke tobacco products?


From Oregon Catalyst, Oregon Taxpayers Assoc.
No one works harder at advancing Nanny State bills than State Representative Mitch Greenlick. His common theme is to have Oregonians surrender personal liberty and responsibility in exchange for intrusive government bureaucracy and new criminal laws...

Greenlick wants adults to require doctor’s permission to obtain tobacco by making it a controlled substance (HB 2077). Imagine how long the lines at the local pharmacy will be and how long seniors will have to wait in these lines to get their life preserving medicine because Greenlick’s law will explode prescription requirements and turn our pharmacies into something like an old-style Russian bread line. Then of course he wants to tax tobacco with additional higher taxes (HB 2275) so as to punish any doctor who dares write a permission slip.

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