Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Occupy Wall Street Arrests: Harvard-educated, exclusive Dalton School couple found in NYC with several grams of high explosives powder

Gliedman’s baby daddy, and co-resident of the apartment, Aaron Greene, is a Harvard undergrad. But, you know, we have to get the guns away from the Tea Partiers, because they’re dangerous. Damn 1%ers -- ThisAin'tHell blog

From the London Daily Mail, "Daughter of top doctor goes into labor after she and her Occupy Wall Street organizer boyfriend are arrested when police 'find explosives and TERRORIST ENCYCLOPEDIA' in their apartment":
The daughter of a prominent New York doctor went into labor and had to rushed to the hospital when she was arrested on charges of having explosives, illegal weapons and a stack of papers labeled 'The Terrorist Encyclopedia' in her New York City apartment.

Morgan Gliedman, 27, and her boyfriend Aaron Greene, 31, an Occupy Wall Street organizer, were taken away from their home in Manhattan's pricey Greenwich Village on Saturday.

She is the daughter of a top Brooklyn cancer doctor [Dr. Paul Gliedman] and was educated at the Dalton School, an exclusive New York prep school attended by the likes of Anderson Cooper and Claire Danes... Greene, the father of the child, went to Harvard University for his undergraduate degree and did graduate work at the Kennedy School of Government there, as well.
police found seven grams of HMTD, a high explosive powder that was reportedly used in the 2005 London Underground bombings... Greene is an activist with Occupy Wall Street and friends told police his political views are 'extreme'.
Photo from BeforeitsNews.com, news.au


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