Saturday, January 26, 2013

Obama's gun confiscation proposals final straw: Two Mississippi legislators seek near-Secession from the United States

C'mon Texas longhorns, Okies, Arkansas Razor backs. You're letting Ole' Miss beat ya?

From Fox News, "Mississippi bill would nullify federal laws":
Mississippi defied the union during the Civil War and civil rights era, and at least two lawmakers think it is time to do so again.

Republican state Reps. Gary Chism and Jeff Smith, both of Columbus, filed a bill this month to form the Joint Legislative Committee on the Neutralization of Federal Laws.

Chism said Thursday that the tea party-backed measure is a response to President Barack Obama's federal health care overhaul and proposals to curb gun violence.

"Certainly, the Obamacare started this... but then gun show loopholes that the president wanted after Newtown really put an exclamation on that -- that we need to do something to stand up for the Tenth Amendment."
Republican Gov. Phil Bryant last week asked legislators to block enforcement of "any unconstitutional order" from Obama regarding guns.

The Central Mississippi Tea Party said in a news release in December that it wants state lawmakers this year to "re-establish limited federal involvement in Mississippi."
Editor's note - Smith, was a Democrat as late as 2011. He switched to Republican later in that year. He was unopposed for reelection in 2012.


Rita said...

Perry said no on Secede from the Union.

Rational Nation USA said...

Bla, Bla , Bla... I say cut em loose to sink or swim all by their lonesome. Maybe even give em a "going away party."

Les Carpenter
The Rights Classical Liberal/Libertarian

Mike Butler said...

As soon as I hear some rubbish coming out of Mississippi, I listen once again to Phil Och's fantastic anthem to that less than great state - "Here's to the State of Mississippi"! It reminds me once again that Mississippi "should find another country to be part of"!
You will find it on You Tube. Check it out!