Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Now Muslim clerics want Gay-looking males to cover up with a veil

Popular Arabic "John Stewart type program" host looks too much like a girl

From Albawaba entertainment, 'Pretty' Bassem Youssef told to cover up by Salafist TV host:
The satirical host of El-Bernameg programme, Bassem Youssef, reacts on his Twitter account to a confounding remark by Islamist Abu Islam Ahmed Abdallah that Youssef (a male) is so "pretty" he should wear a full-face veil, like women.

Youssef, who used the John Stewart show as inspiration for his own TV programme, is on the Salafist radar for making light of politics in Egypt, which is currently dominated by Islamists.

On his programme Hezbollah on the Ummah channel on Sunday night, Abu Islam defended the sheikhs whom Youssef criticised for allegedly using religion to manipulate the population to vote 'Yes' in the referendum on the constitution and for allegedly using the media to lie to the population...

Furthermore, Abu Islam says Youssef should cover his face with a niqab, saying he is prettier than actresses like Laila Elwy (photo) and Elham Shahin, and called him "Bastard Youssef" repeatedly in Arabic.
Editor's comment - Let's see now. How soon til the Gay liberal media like Gawker, Daily Beast, Advocate, Andrew Ferguson ignores this story? Cause it doesn't fit the template, ya know. Cue 'er up... One... two... three... (nothing but the sound of crickets).

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