Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Hampshire now N. America's top jurisdiction for smuggler activity

Move over Mexico; there's a new champ in town

From Eric Dondero:

And you thought all the smugglers of smoking products came from Mexico? No way José.

From the New York Times, "Cigarette Taxes vs. Cigarette Smuggling":
New Hampshire had the highest share of its cigarettes — 26.8 percent — smuggled out of the state. The state cut its tax rate in 2011 by 10 cents to $1.68, still slightly higher than the national average. But it is surrounded by states with much higher tax rates. In Massachusetts, for example, the tax was $2.51 per pack.
And this amazing set of statistics from the libertarian Macinac Center, as reported by the Times:
Three of every five cigarettes consumed in New York State were smuggled in from lower-tax states in 2011, according to new estimates from the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, a free-market research organization in Michigan. That is the highest smuggling rate in the country.
Sí señor, vivir libres o morir

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