Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Nearly 1,200 vehicles set on fire in France New Years: Generic "Youth" without ethnicity suspected


From Eric Dondero:

The French elite don't know how to explain it. One expert is quoted at FranceTV: "culture de rue" just the "culture of the street." Nowhere in the politically correct French media this morning are the words, "immigrant," or "Muslim," being used.

Here are the facts from Le Figaro "1193 véhicules brûlés lors de la nuit du Nouvel an (Valls)" (translation by simonxml via Vlad Tepes):
Manuel Valls announced today that 1193 vehicles were burnt last night across the country. Of these vehicles burned, 344 were due to fire spreading. “All figures were recorded in the late afternoon,” said the Minister.

In detail, in the national police area, 907 vehicles were set alight, including 267 by fire spreading. In the metropolitan police area (Paris and three suburb departments), 209 cars were burned, including 54 by fire spreading. In the Gendarmerie area, 77 vehicles were torched. There are nine departments with more than 40 fires, Seine-Saint-Denis (83 vehicles torched), Haut-Rhin (72), Bas-Rhin (70) North (61) and the Bouches-du-Rhone (51).
Note, the Paris suburbs are almost exclusively Muslim and N. African immigrant.

And this alarming bit of information from John Frisbey at Lux Libertas:
[Bruno Beschizza, fmr. national secretary for security matters]Gang rivalries center on who can torch the most cars with claims made on social networks like Facebook and Twitter...
See an even more dramatic homemade video here.

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Nice! If we could keep them in Catholic countries; that would be great. Socialists of Europe this is your reward... Catholics these are your new bed partners (sorry Jews).