Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Muslims arrested for facilitating EBT Fraud in upstate NY

From Eric Dondero:

The convenience store industry has almost entirely been taken over by Pakistanis. And what many Americans suspect, that they are running scams behind the counter, is increasingly confirmed by local news reports. (Though their ethnicity not explicitly mentioned by the PC media so as not to offend minority interests. But one can clearly make it out by the context.)

From NewCityPatch.com, "Convenience Store Owners, Clerks Charged in Food Stamp Fraud":
District Attorney Thomas Zugibe said operators of Nyack Food Mart, 4 Waldron Ave., Nyack (red area on map), are accused of unlawfully paying cash for food stamps.

The store, Zugibe said, also allowed individuals to use their electronic benefit transfer cards to purchase alcohol, cigarettes and other prohibited items. (Emphasis added.)

In the scheme, Zugibe said the store took an illegal cut from the food stamps.

“These defendants exploited a program designed to help our neediest residents. By unlawfully exchanging food stamps for cash, these individuals perpetrated a fraud on the hardworking taxpayers of Rockland County,” Zugibe said.

The charges cover the period from March 29, 2012, to Tuesday, Jan. 15, with store owners Nissar Ahmed, 59, and Shafaqat Ali, 46, cited in the scheme involving the use of the Supplemental Nutritional Aid Program (SNAP), more commonly known as food stamps. (Emphasis added)

Also charged in the investigation are: Kusum Joshi, 48, of 3 Waldron Ave., Nyack; Ansar Haniffa, 72, 15 W. Funston Ave, Apt. 209, Spring Valley; Balbir Singh, 62, 3 Waldron Ave., Nyack; Kavender Joshi, 49, 3 Waldron Ave., Nyack; Muneer Khan, 28, 121 Grandview Ave., Nanuet. (Emphasis added).

Zugibe said that in some instances, the clerks at the store would swipe the customer’s EBT card and enter fraudulent information on a dedicated EBT terminal, indicating that the customer purchased groceries. The clerks are accused of giving cash to the customer for a portion of what was charged to the EBT card account, providing the store with a profit on each fraudulent transaction.

According to the charges, for example, a customer would enter the store and ask the merchant for $60 in cash. The defendants would ring up a fictitious sale of $120 in qualifying groceries, and then pay out $60 in cash to the customer. The store’s account would subsequently be credited with $120 from the customer’s EBT SNAP account, providing the store a $60 profit on the illicit transaction.
Exit question - Aren't the welfare moochers who purchased the products equally at fault? They were the ones seeking the cash $$ for their Schlitz Malt Liquor, Marlboros and bags of Cheetos. Yet, they are not charged? (Photo h/t - NR)


Erich Domdero said...
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randian said...

Only two store owners. Perhaps the additional list of people are the moochers. You know, keep the mooching within the Islamic family.

I'm surprised to see a Sikh (Balbir Singh) among the interested parties. They hate Muslims and are unlikely to cooperate with them in anything. Perhaps he's a revert?