Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Muslim leader: "Bury Christians like dead dogs"

Christians are "infidels"; Muslims shouldn't associate with them

From Eric Dondero:

Nice. Out of Tanzania, right next to Obama's home country of Kenya.

From "TheCitizen," Muslim clerics warned against hate sermons
Last Friday in Saad bin Mwazi mosque, Sheikh Juma was quoted in his sermon as calling on Muslims not to cooperate with Christians because they were infidels. He insisted that Muslims should not take part in Christian festivals like Christmas, Easter and other celebrations, including baptism and confirmation.

The Ansaar Sheikh went further calling on Muslims not to participate in Christian funeral services, saying Christians were supposed to be buried as dogs because they were just infidels.

“Let me tell you if you came from a Christian father or mother, but you got assimilated, consider yourself you are lucky. But if one of your parents is deceased, you shouldn’t burry him or her, but just put him/her in the grave as if you doing it to a dead dog,” he said.
Editor's comment - Imagine the media outcry if some Christian preacher were to say in a press conference, "We need to bury Muslims like dogs." Photo h/t - Spencer, JihadWatch.org

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