Saturday, January 12, 2013

Metric change

by Clifford F. Thies

Just a few years ago, the scientists were telling us - horror! - that the kilogram was losing weight. The kilogram is almost exactly the weight of one cubic meter of water, and is defined by an artifact made of a platinum-iridium alloy that sits in a vault in Paris, several copies of which have been distributed to other countries. SEE:

But now we find out that the kilogram is gaining weight. "The international standard, a cylinder-shaped hunk of metal that defines the fundamental unit of mass, has gained tens of micrograms in weight from surface contamination, according to a new study." SEE:

O.K., so it the kilogram losing weight or is it gaining weight? And, why are we now at the risk of the planet warming when, just a few years ago, we were at the risk of the planet cooling? And, whatever happened with Pluto?

Can't these scientists agree on anything?

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