Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mali musicians fight back against censorship from Islamists

Muslim rulers in the north "torch[ed] musical instruments... threat[ened] concert goers"

From VOA, "Mali's Star Musicians Unite Against Islamists":
Determined to offer the world a glimpse of the place beyond daily headlines of atrocity and unrest, though, Kouyate and his band, Ngoni Ba, recently held two performances in Britain as part of a broader European tour. Entitled "Sahara Soul," the shows saw Ngoni Ba perform alongside fellow Malian Touareg band "Tamikrest," from the country's Islamist-held north, and Sidi Toure, who hails from the recently, militarily liberated city of Gao.
jihadists have stopped all music. They are trying to ban television, to ban telephones, to ban diaries, cigarettes, liquor.”

“The instruments belonging to the orchestra of Gao were burned," says Toure, reflecting on recent events that have transformed his hometown. "There are no more instruments. There is no orchestra. There is nothing.”

But despite efforts to silence the sounds of Mali – whether by torching musical instruments or threatening concert goers – Kouyate says rebels are faced with a losing battle.

“If someone wants to stop Malian music, that’s like he wants to stop the heart of Mali," he says. "It’s not possible. You can’t stop Malian music. Music has an effect. It’s like a medicine.”
Editor's comment - It is really hard to imagine music getting any better than this. The video will send chills up your spine. Here's another more rockin' video from Ngoni Ba.


Mr. Mcgranor said...

These people need to fall to Mohammedan Government. France needs to colonialize it as well.

mitsukurina said...

Great to see some good news coming out of a: a muslim country and b: france.