Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Llana Mercer, Founding Fathers, right-libertarians

Conservative-libertarians respect America's Heritage

Excerpted, TheNewAmerican, "Right- and Left-Libertarianism", Jack Kerwick, Ph.D Jan. 29:
There is another type of libertarian, however — a conservative libertarian, if you will.

For our generation, it is to a Jewish woman, a former resident of Israel and South Africa and the daughter of a rabbi, to whom conservative libertarians can turn to find their most able defender. Her name is Ilana Mercer.

Mercer recently singled out Judge Napolitano’s brand of libertarianism as “left-libertarianism.” Left libertarians such as Napolitano, she notes, regard “liberty” as “an abstraction. Apply it ‘properly,’” she says, “and it will work everywhere and always.”

From the perspective of left-libertarianism, “liberty is propositional — a deracinated idea, unmoored from the reality of history, biology, tradition, hierarchy.”

In reality, Mercer continues, liberty has a “civilizational dimension.” It cannot be reduced, as left-libertarians would have us think, to the sole principle that no person should aggress against another.

Though a Ron Paul supporter, and no fan of any of his rivals in the GOP presidential primaries, Mercer took the congressman to task when he blasted Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum for allegedly disliking Muslims and gays, respectively. “A candidate who dismissed the national questions, namely immigration, affirmative action, the centrality to America of Christianity and the English language, etc. — fails to appreciate the civilizational dimension of ordered liberty,” she wrote.

Burke would agree. So too many of America’s Founders would agree with Mercer that liberty must be “ordered.”

These great advocates for ordered liberty would also agree with her verdict that when liberty is defined against “the consequences of birth,” as the Judge Napolitanos of the world define it, it degenerates into disorder.
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Doom said...

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Eric Dondero said...

It's a good thing we believe in free speech here at LR.

Doom, I truly hope you are being sarcastic for all our sakes. Or, that our lovely wives never, ever see what you just wrote.

Doom said...

Don't worry. My women avoid what I tell them, if they know it is true as well, over time. And while they try to ignore, I have gotten a feminist to... abstain... from voting. Your wives, my women... fuck em'... literally... figuratively... makes no difference to me but it should to them and you! Take it as seriously as you would a heart attack.