Thursday, January 3, 2013

Law Center Warns Congress Not to Certify 2012 Election

by JB Williams

Despite a deafening silence on the part of the government controlled news media, it is no secret that very serious questions concerning Barack Obama’s history persist and that wide-spread election fraud was used by the Democratic Party and the Obama Campaign to secure a second Obama-Biden term.

At least one group seems interested in getting answers to those questions and stopping congress from certifying the 2012 election results until the American people have those answers.

The newly formed North American Law Center is serving members of the US Congress with a notice, demanding that congress stop the fraudulent 2012 election and advising members of congress not to become complicit in the fraud by certifying the tainted outcome of the 2012 election.

“BE ADVISED, your Oath of office requires you to act in a manner which upholds the United States Constitution, our State Constitutions, and the Rule of Law. This shall serve as Notice to you of the massive fraud which has occurred in the 2012 election. As a public servant, your highest duty is to the people of the United States. Failing to do your duty, after having been so noticed, will be a direct violation of your Oath, with malice aforethought.”
The notice lists a number of legally actionable items concerning Federal Election and Campaign Finance laws as well as Constitutional Eligibility violations that if proven, could entirely void the 2012 election and end with the criminal prosecution of those involved in carrying out and covering up that fraud.
“Prima facie evidence exists as to violations of Federal Election Commission law regulating campaign finance concerning overseas donations from foreign entities, into international money laundering and online credit and debit card fraud, using foreign contributions from stolen card numbers to finance a presidential campaign. Hundreds of millions of dollars pouring into the Obama campaign from overseas donors and all of it in untraceable small denominations.”
The notice lists evidence of blatant voter fraud in Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio, and a statement concerning general acts of fraud evidenced in numerous states and precincts.
“Many numerous methods of massive Democrat voter fraud exist, i.e. over 2 million new “temporary citizen” illegal alien voters via Executive Order; millions of DEAD and felon voters; temporarily moving Democrat voters across state lines to vote in swing states; foreign observers used to protect the fraudulent Democrat vote; duplicate voting by dual resident college students, and thousands of Somali refugee voters with DNC “interpreters” driving them to polls in Ohio; corrupted voting machines and vote counting with rigged voting machines via SEIU machine maintenance contracts; boxes of fraudulent paper ballots in the trunk of union official’s cars; and foreign contracts for vote counting in parts of Europe.”
Process servers are delivering the notice to all members of congress this week. Lead Counsel for the North American Law Center is Constitutional Attorney Stephen Pidgeon. Constitutional Law researcher and analyst Barbara Ketay chairs the organizations Government Corruption Committee and is the signer of the notice being delivered to members of congress.

The North American Law Center was formed by a group of citizens deeply concerned with government corruption and the ongoing erosion of state and individual constitutional rights. The organization is funded entirely by private citizens also deeply concerned with the matters of focus for the organization.

“For far too long, the American Justice System has subverted the Charters of Freedom and the Rule of Law in pursuit of a utopian global social justice at the expense of American freedom, liberty and prosperity.”
Many patriotic Americans are equally concerned about the items of interest to the North American Law Center, but this group is taking real and tangible actions that could alter the course of history and the future of freedom and liberty.

Citizens interested in more information or supporting this mission can visit JB can be reached at Photos - credit, Democrats arrested in NC Newsnet11, and Democrat candidate for Congress Wendy Rosen, MD arrested for voting in two states.


Jemas said...

Given the complete lack of any evidence of any electoral fraud (because, you know, Obama won the election legally) if they refuse to certify this election, they would be breaking the law and their oaths.

Oh and please, please, please, keep harping on this conspiracy theory. It helps highlight the fact that you don't live in reality, but rather in an insane fantasy world. Anything that helps people realize how worthless your ideas are is excellent.

Queens, New York, NY

Eric Dondero said...

Fuck you. There's 18 precincts in Cleveland where Mitt Romney didn't get a single vote, yet Jill fuckin' Stein with the Green Party and Gary Johnson, Libertarian got votes in those precincts.

Just a coincidence? I wish just one Nazi fucker like you would explain how that fucking happen. Please?

Eric Dondero said...

Ain't no fucking conspiracy about it. It's fact. It's just you Nazis are practicing Goebbels bullshit to protect your great leader Barack H. (as in Hitler) Obama.

Eric Dondero said...

Just because you put a smiley face on a Nazi doesn't mean it's not still Nazi.

Eric Dondero said...

Just because you put a smiley face on a Nazi doesn't mean it's not still Nazi.

Eric Dondero said...

My "wortheless ideas" as you call them, happen to be the ideas of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America.

"That government is best that governs least" Thomas Jefferson

Jemas said...

How does this happen? I dunno, lemme google very briefly annnnnd...

Wow, 10 seconds on google and I have an explanation as to how it happened.

Since I'm sure you'll just dismiss it, I'll toss you the money quote from the article:

PolitiFact Ohio also checked the 2008 results for Cuyahoga County. We found that John McCain got no votes in 18 precincts then, or the same total that denied any votes to Romney.

CBS News took note of the shutout precincts in Cuyahoga County while reporting that Romney also received no votes in 59 voting divisions in Philadelphia.

"Incredulous Republicans might be tempted to indict voter fraud as a culprit," the CBS story said, but "the reality is less salacious than the conspiracy theory - a consequence of demography, not electoral shenanigans. Most big cities are heavily Democratic to begin with, and geographic patterns of racial segregation may yield an even more one-sided electoral result in certain areas than in the city as a whole."

All the Cuyahoga County precincts in which Romney was shut out are in neighborhoods with heavily African-American or Latino populations.

There. A perfectly logical, reasonable and legal explanation for how that happens. Maybe the people who usually would vote for Romney voted for Gary Johnson instead? Apply Occam's Razor once a week or so, see how much less complicated things get.

Jemas said...

Also, aren't you adorable, bring in the Founding Fathers. Thanks for using that particular quote, because it makes my life easy:

Now then, while the Founding Fathers are important, and worth studying, their ideas aren't exceptionally relevant these days. Sorry, I know we have this crazy cult of personality built around them, but the thing is, there's kind of a world of difference between their time and ours.

Take the whole gun control thing. There's a show I like, called Sharpe, which takes place around the same time as America's founding (it's during the war between Britain and Napoleon). In it, the lead character's team are the best snipers the British have. The first thing he teaches these Snipers? How to reload in under a minute!

Think about that for just a second, like actually engage your brain. It was considered impressive to be able to get a second shot off in less than 60 seconds. Do you think the Founding Fathers ever conceived of a gun that could get more than a shot off a second? Because unless you can find a quote from Washington where he says "Oh and if they ever invent a gun that fires 30 rounds a minute, people should totally be allowed to have those too," I'm afraid their thoughts only apply to muzzle loaders.

I repeat, the world has changed, but the Founders can't change with it, so blindly following them is going to lead to disaster. If we wanted to have this conversation back then, it would have taken weeks, if not months. We're using this newfangled thing call the Internet, think they conceived of that? How about cars? Airplanes? Tanks? Nuclear Weapons? How about people not having slaves? Or 50 goddamn states? Or women having the fucking vote?

If this was still the founding father's time, there would be 13 states and the guy who just won the Election would be considered 3/5ths of a person.

I'm not saying we should dismiss the Founders ideas, I'm saying they lived in a completely different time and therefore we should try to think about these things for ourselves. So either trade in all your semi-autos for Muzzle Loaders, shut off your electricity, disconnect your internet, throw away your cellphone and return Texas to Mexico, or shut the hell up about what the Founding Fathers thought.

Eric Dondero said...

Oh, PolitiFact. Hey, I've got a great idea, why not start quoting Daily Kos. Or, how 'bout TPM? CNN, MSNBC??

Ahh, hell. Just go all out. Get your facts directly from Soviet Pravda, or good old Joe Goebell's news list of the day.

Eric Dondero said...

If you desire to throw the U.S. Constitution in the garbage, and separate ourselves from the Founding Fathers, and what they intended for these United States, at least have the balls to change the name of our country, from the United States of America to the United Soviet Socialist States of America.

Trash the Constitution. We are no longer the USA.

frankly said...

You might also want to explain why there are counties in Wyoming, Idaho and Montana where Obama got no votes! The conspiracy is so great they even thought to fix voting against the actual winner!!

Mine Gott but these are some tricky people you are dealing with. The managed to go back in time and plant the birth announcement in the Hawaiian paper, they saw to it that Obama got no votes in counties you would expect him to get no votes in - sheer genius!

Everything proves that there was a giant conspiracy, even the sun raising in the East is proof! What else is to the East? Kenya!!! They do that just so they can laugh at your impotence!!!!!