Monday, January 14, 2013

Killing Fields awaits Afghani women: They're terrified of the aftermath of U.S., U.K. withdrawal 2014

"All the girls are worried – we all think about this issue all the time, that after 2014 there will be no girl students and the women who worked to help other women in society will be killed.

From the UK Guardian, "We don't want our burqas back: women in Afghanistan on the Taliban's return When the troops withdraw from Afghanistan next year, many fear a terrible backlash. -- Tracy McVeigh meets seven women who rebuilt their lives after Taliban oppression – and finds them at risk once more":
"Myself, I am afraid for 2014. I have seven daughters – two are married, five are studying. I fear my youngest two will not get the chance to go to university even though both are best in their class. The youngest, Mahaba, doesn't understand, but my 13-year-old feels hopeless about the situation."

She says that when the foreigners go, Afghan men will fight again. "Our government doesn't think about women. If I had known this would happen I would have taken another path and not have been an activist. So I'm angry. I am afraid for my daughters, who might be kidnapped or punished for the advocacy work I have done.

"Women have started to reduce our activities, because the closer we get to 2014 the laws made to support women are losing their strength. My students who can leave are doing so.
Karimi says she now faces "a lot of threats. I know I will not only lose my job but will be the first target after the international community pulls out in 2014. The safe house will close, and although some NGOs say they will stay, everyone is working separately – there is no one aim. Our government is weak.

"I burned my burqa when the Taliban left; I don't want a new one. I beg the US and the UK, do not leave us. Please stay. We are very vulnerable, we are very afraid." (emphasis added)
Editor's comment - How terribly ironic, that it was the UK Guardian that was one of the biggest Bush bashers in the 2000s, and harshest critics of US/UK intervention in Afghanistan, and now they're crying about the coming humanitarian disaster and genocide that awaits.


Gary said...

***** We don't want our burqas back *****

Then become a Christian or Buddhist and flee the country to live among sane people.

jgeleff said...

Yeah. Leave.

Mr. Mcgranor said...

We cannot keep being the: human rights police of the world. What they need is a Protestant tradition, not an Enlightenment; of which the latter, Glenn Beck said was missing.