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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Kenyan occupier of the White House to use American kids as props in his anti-Gun Rights press conference

H/t Sheikyermami


Mr. Mcgranor said...


Erich Domdero said...
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Gary said...

Think of the children

Erich Domdero said...
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Erich Domdero said...

Libertarians fear me.

Will said...

Hitler wasn't the only one! Pol Pot, Mao Tse Tung, Stalin, Castro, Chavez: You name the left-wing authoritarian, and you will see exploitation of children.

Jemas said...

Hey, Eric, you own a dog right? You know who else owned a dog? Hitler. So basically, you're Hitler.

And you believe in God right? You know who else believed in God? Hitler. So that's twice over, you being Hitler.

Man, this bullshitting fake comparisons to Hitler thing is fun. It kind of frees you from having to make actual arguments, or address the fact that Obama (the American born, democratically elected President of the United States) is nothing like Hitler.

Queens, New York, NY

FINCHNEST13 said...

You're correct that Obama is nothing like Hitler. Hitler was at least honest about what he was doing, and he wasn't a hypocrite! Obama and the truth have never met. Thousands of innocent men, women, and children in Mexico have died at the hands of drug cartels who were armed by this Presidential Administration in Fast and Furious. Fast and Furious guns have also been used to kill Americans -- one was left near the body of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. Obama has expressed no sorrow about the deaths of children because of Fast and Furious. No, I wouldn't compare him to Hitler, either. Obama is a despotic, narcissistic, unethical, lying dictator wanna-be who can't speak unless his teleprompters are working and in full view. Obama didn't speak from the heart when he made a statement about Sandy Hook, he spoke from the teleprompter!

Jemas said...

Wow, so much wrong at once. Like, do you have a certain level of bullshit you have to spew per day or you'll die?

Okay, let's start with you pretending you talking about the gun running operations. First off, Operation Fast and Furious (I'll refer to it as OFAF, for short) was a gunwalking operation, an extension of Operation Wide Receiver, which was a 2006-2008 Operation. Now I know you love conspiracy theories, but I think even you would draw the line at Obama having a time machine and giving orders to President Bush.

Second, it's kind of adorable you bringing up OFAF on this site, because if you do even a little research, you'll find that part of the reason OFAF went as far South as it did is because of the RIDICULOUS number of restrictions put on ATF Agents. CNN has an incredibly in depth article about how the restrictions put on ATF by gun rights activists led to the deaths in OFAF. I'll leave it up to you to read the entire article (link: http://features.blogs.fortune.cnn.com/2012/06/27/fast-and-furious-truth/ ) but for now, I think I'll hit you with the money paragraph, which I think sums up the whole massive clusterfuck:

"It was nearly impossible in Arizona to bring a case against a straw purchaser. The federal prosecutors there did not consider the purchase of a huge volume of guns, or their handoff to a third party, sufficient evidence to seize them. A buyer who certified that the guns were for himself, then handed them off minutes later, hadn't necessarily lied and was free to change his mind. Even if a suspect bought 10 guns that were recovered days later at a Mexican crime scene, this didn't mean the initial purchase had been illegal. To these prosecutors, the pattern proved little. Instead, agents needed to link specific evidence of intent to commit a crime to each gun they wanted to seize."

If they buy a gun and hand it off to someone else literally moments later, you can't stop it? Care to explain to me how that's not insane?

As for the rest, it's not worth responding to (as it's typical bullshit), but I'm a masochist, so I will. Obama is not a dictator, he is not despotic, he is not unethical by the admittedly low standards set by our Presidents. Indeed, I'd say he's more ethical than Dubya, Clinton or Reagan. He's no more a hypocrite than any other politician and he's certainly less of a hypocrite than most of the people on this site.

But then, you don't care about facts or reality. It's ridiculous to hear you accuse of someone of having never met the truth, because that's a phrase that sums you up perfectly. You are so far from the truth that you've managed to convince yourself your fantasy world is the truth. If you ever came into contact with the truth, and were mentally or emotionally capable of recognizing it as such, your mind would probably be incapable of handling the sheer amount of your life you've wasted trying to mislead people into your crazy fantasy world.

Just as an example, you accuse Obama of not expressing enough sorrow over the deaths of children...in a comment on an article accusing Obama of using his sorrow over the death of children as a prop. Which is it, too much sorrow or not enough?

Queens, New York, NY