Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Is this the most evil no-good son-of-a-bitch in the United States of America?


From Eric Dondero:

It's hard to imagine it getting any worse than this. This guy may be right up there with Timothy McVeigh, Major Nidal Hassan, James Holmes and Adam Lanza in the pieces of human shit USA Hall of Fame.

Brace yourself for the news excerpt you are about to read. It happened in southern Maryland, DC suburbs in mid-2011. Inexlicably, it's just now making it to the national news media.

From CafeMom.com, "Cop Reportedly Left Child in Hot Car to Die":
Sometimes people do horrifying things. Take, for instance, Richmond Phillips, a D.C. police officer, who allegedly shot his baby mama and then left their infant daughter to die in a hot car. Yes, you read that right. A police officer is being charged with the murders of his mistress and his daughter.
More from Yahoo News, "Prosecutor: DC cop left child to die in hot car":
Prince George's County, Md., State's Attorney Angela Alsobrooks said during opening statements Monday that Richmond Phillips killed the two because he didn't want to pay child support. Phillips is being tried on two counts of first-degree murder along with child abuse and firearms charges.

Phillips was arrested in June 2011 after the body of 20-year-old Wynetta Wright was found in a park where the two had met. Their child, Jaylin, who was days shy of her first birthday, was found dead in her car seat with the doors closed and windows rolled up.
Editor's comment - Pay child support himself instead of the taxpayers picking up the bill? This guy lived in super pro-government dependency Martin O'Mally DC/Suburban Maryland. This guy was trained from birth to get others to pick up the tab. Yeah, we can blame this sorry-ass mother fucker. But liberal America shares the blame for the deaths of this beautiful young woman Wynetta and her young child Jaylin. (Photo credit - CSmonitor.com)


Ran / SVP said...

Oh, I dunno. Worse?

try... leaving Ambassador Christopher Stevens and several Marines to die at the hands of barbarians is about as despicable and evil as it gets, especially when we had assets ready for the security, extractions and cover - but even that would be mere dereliction of duty.

Shipping weapons to the Mexican and Honduran cartels goes beyond dereliction of duty into supporting terrorism *and* high treason.

But who are we to judge?

Erich Domdero said...
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Mr. Mcgranor said...

He will get little, or no time; because he is a police officer. This can be example for all those that venerate the police. Where is the exultation of this idol?